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Skin tag removal may be carried out quite conveniently at the dermatologist or doctor’s clinic. But before you head straight to the clinic for Bee Removal Orlando your treatment, it would serve you well to know what the skin tag removal options available for you’re. Since the skin tags are attached to your skin, you must be prepared for some level of discomfort or pain during the removal. This can be quite unbearable for some if the number of skin tags is simply too many. In such instances, the dermatologist or doctor would usually apply local anesthetic on the surrounding skin to numb and alleviate the pain. In this article, you will read about the different frequent removal methods that are utilized to eliminate those nasty skin tags.


This can be done using ligation and application of liquid nitrogen. Basically, a suture/copper wire is wrapped around the peduncle or stalk before freezing the skin tags. Occasionally, the dermatologist may use forceps instead. But remember that while this system is effective, there’s always the danger of suffering from dsychromic lesions if the dermatologist is not careful.


Excision using scissors or scalpels is normally more acceptable for larger skin tags.


This skin tag removal method involves burning the skin tags using electrical current.

You might not be aware but small skin tags can be tied up with threads. After some time, normally several days to a week, the skin tags would darken and gradually dry up. Once that happens, they can be easily removed. 1 setback of this approach is it can be somewhat tedious if you have numerous skin tags. Additionally it is rather unsightly.

You might want to first consult with him/her if the skin growths on your body are skin tags rather than other malignant skin tissues. He/she would have the ability to advise you on the right removal method for your skin tags. However, before you settle on eliminating those skin tags, you must be prepared to fork out the entire medical bill. Skin tags are benign and are removed mostly for cosmetic reasons, ie to improve one’s appearance. Insurance companies wouldn’t cover such expenses.

Concurrently, you have to recognize that these minor surgical procedures do involve some level of risks. You need to be ready for that. If you’re interested to know what the risks you are facing when using these surgical procedures and how you can avoid them with natural skin tag removal techniques you can readily apply at home, find out about them in my blog.

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